Month: June 2024

Month: June 2024

Wisconsin Tai Chi Academy is pleased to announce the opening of a new class in Wauwatosa, WI.

Commencing July 16, 2024, WTCA will be offering classes at Mount Mary University in Wauwatosa (Milwaukee). While this is a new class to Wauwatosa, it represents a transfer of the class previously held at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield to this new location.

The decision to relocate was made due to the Arts Center no longer being able to provide a suitable space for classes for the full duration required for each term. WTCA enjoyed a good relationship with the Arts Center and is sad to be leaving, however, the relocation will have a number of benefits, including a larger space for classes allowing for continued growth of this popular time slot, as well as bringing WTCA’s Tai Chi and Qigong to a venue closer to Milwaukee.

“We’ve had a lot of requests to start a class in Wauwatosa and to date this hasn’t been feasable,” Instructor Ray Gates said. “Having to relocate has provided us with the perfect opportunity to explore the area and find a suitable venue, and we’re pleased to work with Mount Mary University and look forward to a long lasting arrangement.”

WTCA still maintains classes in Brookfield, WI, on Thursday mornings at Momentum Movement Clinic.

Registrations for the next term of classes for all locations including Wauwatosa are now open and details can be found on our Classes page.

Month: June 2024

As part of Wisconsin Tai Chi Academy’s Corporate and Community Program, we are pleased to announce a collaboration with Manitowoc Public Library to hold an introduction to Tai Chi and Qigong specifically for teens.

The Teen Hang-Out: Meditation and Movement – Beginner’s Tai Chi session is part of Manitowoc Public Library’s Teen Hang-Out program and is a free event open to children aged 11 to 18, on Wednesday July 24 from 1pm to 2pm. Participants will be introduced to Tai Chi and Qigong basic principles and movements using the Ba Fa Wu Bu Forms and Lotus Qigong set.

“I’m always keen to get younger people started in Tai Chi and Qigong,” said WTCA’s Founder and Instructor for the program, Ray Gates. “People have a misconception that Tai Chi is only for ‘old people’, but there’s huge benefits for starting it as early in life as possible. In hindsight I wish I’d started it years before I did!”

For more information on this event and to register please refer to the Manitowoc Public Library’s website:

Month: June 2024

Competitors representing Wisconsin Tai Chi Academy in the 2024 Golden State International WushuChampionships Online Competition have been won a total of three gold and three silver medals in various events.

Instructor Ray Gates won three gold in the 42 Movements Taijiquan, 32 Taiji Straight Sword and Other Taiji Fan events, and silver in the 24 Movements Taijiquan and Other Yang Taijiquan events in the 36 to 55 years old males class, while student Debbie Orman won silver for in the 24 Movements Taijiquan event in the 36 to 55 years old female class.

“It’s been twelve years since I last competed,” Ray Gates said. “So I’m pretty happy with my result. It’s also the first time in competition for Debbie so her silver medal is a great result!”

Instructor Ray Gates

The 2024 Golden State International Championships attracted over 2,000 competitors in-person and over 300 competitors in the Online Competition from all around the world. WTCA has had several entries in various competitions over the last twelve months, winning a total of seven medals to date and having one student qualify for the US Team to compete in 2025 in China. It has also recently joined the USAWKF as a member school.

“My hope is that this shows people that Tai Chi is not just a slow form of exercise, but can also be a great competitive sport, and one of the few you can compete in no matter what your age,” said Ray Gates. “I’m hoping this will encourage more of my existing students to consider entering competition, and particularly hopeful this will encourage more younger people to take up Tai Chi. Most competitors at high level are under 30 years of age, so we’d like to see more younger people in our classes learning and training to bring home more medals for Wisconsin Tai Chi Academy!”

WTCA is hoping to enter a team event in the upcoming 6th Ohio International Martial Arts Tournament in Columbus, OH, in August this year.

Month: June 2024

Wisconsin Tai Chi Academy (WTCA) is pleased to announce it has become a member school of the United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation (USAWKF).

“We’ve had several students attend and do well at USAWKF sanctioned competitions recently, and more are interested in competing, so having WTCA become a member school only made sense,” said Founder and Instructor, Ray Gates. “My hope is this will not only encourage more of our students to try competition, it will also give us the opportunity to showcase our Tai Chi to the greater wushu community.”

WTCA members recently competed in the 2024 Golden State International Championships Online Tournament and results are expected to be announced very soon.