Our Students

Wisconsin Tai Chi Academy believes that Tai Chi should be available and accessible to all who want to learn and enjoy its benefits. Our students represent a wide range of sociodemographic backgrounds, and we actively strive to develop diversity within our classes. All students are required to adhere to both our Code of Conduct and ‘Tai Chi for All’ Inclusion policies, ensuring our classes are welcoming, friendly, and safe environments for all.

We aim to cater for all our students’ needs, whether they are learning Tai Chi just for some light exercise or health benefits, wanting to explore Tai Chi and Qigong in depth and learn the art, interested in the martial aspect of Tai Chi, or wanting to try their hand at competition-level. Our current student body comprises:

  • people completely new to Tai Chi, with no prior Tai Chi or martial arts experience;
  • people with varying experience with Tai Chi or other martial arts;
  • people who are actively training for competition, including a Team USA member looking to compete in China in 2025;
  • people who are training to become Tai Chi instructors themselves.