Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tai Chi

Can I do Tai Chi while sitting down?

Proper execution of Tai Chi forms require the use of the lower body, therefore Tai Chi cannot truly be performed while sitting down. However, many Qigong exercises, however, can be performed while sitting down. If you have an impairment which limits your ability to stand, we recommend trying Qigong in place of Tai Chi, and look into our Corporate and Community Qigong Programs.

Which forms do you teach?

New students are introduced to Tai Chi and Qigong through learning the Beijing 24 Forms and Lotus Qigong set. At higher levels students currently have the opportunity to learn the Yang 40 Forms and Ba Duan Jin Qigong set. Additional forms, including other Tai Chi unarmed and weapons forms and Qigong sets, are planned for the future however not offered at this time.

Do you teach Pushing Hands?

Tai Chi pushing hands (tuishou) is an advanced technique and requires a solid foundation of Tai Chi principles, forms and techniques. At this time we are not teaching tuishou, however have plans to offer this to Advanced students in the future.


How long does each term go for?

All terms run for 10 weeks and there are 4 terms per year.

Do I have to start in the first term of the year?

No. New students can start at the commencement of any term during the year.

Can I start if the term has already started?

Generally we do not recommend commencing classes once a term has proceeded past the second week of term, and advise that new students commence at the start of the next term. Exceptions can be considered based on the student’s experience and other considerations. Please contact us for more information.

Can I try a class for free?

We offer a number of ‘Come N Try Tai Chi’ sessions throughout the year at various locations which are open to anyone to come along to at no cost.

Can I pay for classes as I attend?

At this time there is no ability to pay classes as you attend. If you do not believe you can commit to the 10-week term, we offer private lessons which can be purchased in individual sessions.

If I miss a class, do I get an extra class?

If you cannot attend your regular class, you are able to make up that class by attending a class any of our other locations in place of that class. This cannot exceed the 10 classes within a given term, nor can it be extended from the current term into a future term (ie: if you miss a class in Term 1, you cannot get an extra class in Term 2).