Corporate and Community Qigong

Qigong is increasingly being recognized and recommended by health and medical professionals for its benefits to physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Qigong classes are a great way to supplement corporate health and wellness programs and community health, wellness and recreational activities.

Wisconsin Tai Chi Academy can provide one-off and ongoing Qigong classes for your employees, members or community. Our Qigong classes:

  • are fun, easy to participate, accessible and inclusive;
  • are able to be presented in your facility/workplace;
  • only requires sufficient standing/sitting room for the number of people you would like to attend;
  • do not require any special equipment or clothing;
  • can be flexible in terms of duration (30-60 min) and availability (morning/afternoon/evening, from multiple times/week to weekly/monthly);
  • can have new attendees commence at any time.

Our Qigong classes are highly suitable for any corporate or community based organisation, including but not limited to:

  • small, medium and large businesses;
  • community groups and centers;
  • YMCAs, health clubs and gyms;
  • colleges, schools, and school-based programs (eg: Summer Camps);
  • senior living and residential-based care centers.

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Organizations We’ve Worked With

Advent Lutheran Church, CedarburgVacation Bible School – Qigong classes
Manitowoc Public LibraryTeen Hang Out: Meditation and Movement – Beginner’s Tai Chi