Energy Exchange

Depending on the location classes are run either weekly (1 hour) or biweekly (1.25 hours, every 2 weeks).

Weekly Classes (10 x 1 hr classes)Bi-Weekly Classes (5 x 1.25 hr classes)
Term – Early Bird*$100.00$75.00
Term – Regular+$120.00$90.00
Casual (per class)$15.00$20.00
Term – Multiple, Early Bird*#$165.00$125.00/$165.00
Term – Multiple, Regular+#$200.00$150.00/$200.00

Term fees include:

  • student handbook (issued with first full term payment)
  • full membership, including member-only website access and future updates to the student handbook

* Early Bird Special is available any time prior to the commencement of the term you are paying for

+ only acceptable at the first class of the term. After the first class casual rates apply

# multiple class rates entitles students to attend as many classes as they wish, eg: Beginner and Advanced classes and/or multiple venues. Please note the fee will vary depending on whether the student is attending multiple classes only on a Bi-Weekly basis or in some combination of Weekly and Bi-Weekly classes

Please note: commitment is important. Please carefully consider your ability to attend the duration of a term prior to making your payment. Term fees represent a discount to students who are committing to their Tai Chi. Term fees are for the duration of the term, not for 10 (or equivalent) classes. Missed classes are non-transferable and no refunds will be considered.

Payments are preferred by either check (made payable to Ray Gates) or Zelle. Cash and credit card payments can also be made however please note credit card payments will include a 3% surcharge to cover processing fees.