Energy Exchange

Depending on the location classes are run either weekly (1 hour) or biweekly (1.5 hours, every 2 weeks).

Weekly Classes (10 x 1 hr classes)Bi-Weekly Classes (5 x 1.5 hr classes)
Term – Early Bird*$100.00$75.00
Term – Regular+$120.00$90.00
Casual (per class)$15.00$22.50
Term – Multiple, Early Bird*#$165.00$125.00
Term – Multiple, Regular+#$200.00$150.00

Term fees include:

  • student handbook (issued with first full term payment)
  • full membership, including member-only website access and future updates to the student handbook

* Early Bird Special is available any time prior to the commencement of the term you are paying for

+ only acceptable at the first class of the term. After the first class casual rates apply

# multiple class rates entitles students to attend as many classes as they wish, eg: Beginner and Advanced classes and/or multiple venues